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Interior detailing involves cleaning and restoring the inside of a vehicle to improve its appearance and maintain its value. Unlike exterior detailing which focuses on the outer surfaces, interior detailing pays special attention to all the components inside the vehicle, such as the seats, dashboard, carpeting, and so on. So, what exactly is interior detailing and what does the process involve?

In this article, from the expert detailing team at Pave Automotive Professional Car Care in Leigh near Wigan, we will explore the process of interior detailing, find out why it’s so important, and learn about what an interior service includes. 

What is interior detailing?

Interior detailing is a comprehensive cleaning and rejuvenation process tailored for the inside of vehicles. Unlike a simple vacuum or wipe-down, interior detailing focuses on removing dirt, stains, and contaminants from every crevice and surface within a car, ensuring it looks as close to new as possible. 

what does a basic interior detail include auto detailing service in wigan and leigh at pave automotive

Why is interior detailing so important for cars?

Interior detailing not only enhances the aesthetics of the vehicle’s interior but also promotes a healthier environment by eliminating dust, allergens, and harmful bacteria. Here’s a summary of the main reasons why interior detailing is essential for cars and their owners:

Preserves Vehicle Value

As the days turn into months and years, a car’s interior becomes a repository for dust, grime, spilled liquids, and other contaminants. These can not only stain upholstery and carpets but also degrade the quality of materials like leather and vinyl. A vehicle with a well-maintained interior invariably commands a better resale value. Regular interior detailing acts as a preventive measure, ensuring that the intrinsic worth of the car doesn’t diminish due to negligence.

Enhances Driving Experience

The ambiance inside a car plays a pivotal role in influencing the driver’s mood and concentration. A meticulously cleaned interior exudes a sense of calm and order. This pristine environment minimizes distractions, elevates comfort, and may even elevate the overall mood of the driver and passengers. Furthermore, a thorough cleaning can improve air circulation and quality, eliminating any trapped odors and pollutants.

Protects Interior Surfaces

The importance of proactive care can’t be stressed enough, especially when it comes to preserving the longevity and appearance of a car’s interior components. Detailing provides a protective barrier against the usual culprits of wear and tear. For instance, leather, a luxurious yet delicate material, can become dry and prone to cracks if not regularly conditioned. A good auto detailing session ensures that such materials remain supple, extending their lifespan and retaining their beauty.

Health and Hygiene

A car’s interior is not just a space for driving; it’s an intimate environment where people breathe and interact. As such, it’s susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for allergens, harmful bacteria, mold, and even viruses if not adequately maintained. Regular interior detailing acts as a safeguard, ensuring that the air inside remains fresh and free from harmful microorganisms, offering both driver and passengers a safe and hygienic space.

What does a basic interior detail involve?

A basic interior service usually includes the following steps:


One of the primary steps in any interior detailing process is vacuuming. This involves meticulously removing dirt, dust, and debris from floors, seats, under the seats, and even those hard-to-reach corners, ensuring the car’s interior has a refreshed and clean baseline.

Dashboard and Center Console Cleaning

The dashboard and center console, being high-touch areas, often accumulate dust, grime, and fingerprints. A basic detailing ensures these areas are thoroughly wiped, polished, and restored to their original sheen.

Window and Mirror Cleaning

A driver’s clear visibility is paramount. Thus, interior detailing prioritizes the cleaning of windows and mirrors, ensuring they’re devoid of streaks, smudges, and any marks that could impede vision.

Door Panel Cleaning

Door panels can easily get overlooked, but over time they collect dirt, especially in their pockets and crevices. Cleaning these panels is essential to maintain the overall cleanliness of the vehicle’s interior.

Carpet and Upholstery Spot Cleaning

Even with the best care, spills happen. Spot cleaning targets specific stains or spills on the carpet and upholstery, ensuring no unsightly marks are left behind.

What does a full interior detailing service include?

A full interior detailing offers a more intensive cleaning regimen:

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Over time, simple vacuuming might not suffice. This is where deep cleaning comes into play. Specialized shampoos and advanced cleaning machines delve deep into the fibers, extracting embedded dirt and revitalizing the carpets.

Upholstery Shampooing and Conditioning

More than just cleaning, this step is about restoration and protection. Fabrics and leather undergo a deep-cleansing process, followed by conditioning to ensure they remain soft, vibrant, and durable.

Odour Removal

A car’s closed environment can trap odors. Advanced methods, like ozone machines, are employed to neutralize and remove any lingering unpleasant smells, ensuring a fresh ambiance.

Application of UV Protectants

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade and degrade interior surfaces. UV protectants are applied to shield the dashboard, trims, and other susceptible areas from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Cleaning and Conditioning of Leather

Leather, a hallmark of luxury in many vehicles, requires special care. Expertly curated products are used to clean and condition leather surfaces, ensuring they remain plush, supple, and crack-free.

Cleaning of Air Vents

Often overlooked, air vents can accumulate dust and affect air quality. Full detailing ensures these vents are cleaned, promoting better airflow and a healthier environment inside the vehicle.

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